Children are the future!

Food Adulteration Using Metals

Parents’ Role in Child Nutrition:

Good & Bad Influences!

Lack of Awareness

Understanding the food label:

  • Calories: This value gives the amount of energy we get from that product. It is the main factor that accounts to weight control. The number of calories indicates the number of calories provided in one serving of the product.
  • Fat/Calories from fat: It’s the calories provided from the fat contained in it. For children, this value is between 30%-40% (for 1–3 years of age), and 25%-30% (for 4–18 years of age). Choose foods with unsaturated fats if possibles, try to reduce consumption of foods containing trans-fats and saturated fats.
  • Sodium: It is important to have a small amount of sodium intake in order to keep the blood fluid balanced, however higher amounts of intakes can increase blood pressure levels. For adults, it’s good to restrict sodium intake per day to 2300mg. It is always preferable to choose less processed foods to reduce the amount of sodium intake.
  • Sugar: It can be seen in other terms such as “High Fructose Corn Syrup”, “Dextrose”, “Invert sugar” etc., it’s optimal to choose 5g per serving, as it adds plenty of calories.
  • Dietary fibre: It is usually listed under carbohydrates. This can help in reducing the risk of high cholesterol levels and colon cancer. Fibres themselves don’t contain any calories, you need to consume at least 25g per day.
  • %Daily Value (% DV): This value tells the number of nutrients a person gets when consuming one serving. This is calculated on a basis of a 2000 calorie diet per day.
  • Ingredients list: Contains the number of ingredients contained in that product.

Effects of Nutrition in Children

How to Make Sure Your Child Is Eating Healthy?

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