ERP Platform for traceability in the agri-food supply chain.


This module can be used to manage all your accounts, transactions & taxes of your business easily. It has many sub-modules such as:


POS stands for Point-Of-Sale which refers to the time and place where a retail transaction takes place. For the retail operations, we are familiar with the procedure of billing the items on the counter. These operations such as billing, updating stock, payment entries etc take place in one place as one single event. This can be done easily and efficiently by creating a POS profile in the ERP system. By creating a POS profile, you can make a sales invoice within seconds right after completing the billing.


In this module, we can manage the inventory, stock movements, item serial numbers, batch numbers etc. The important sub-modules used under this are:


CRM stands for Customer-Relationship-Management. This module in our ERP systems helps you in tracking the pre-sales process from lead capturing, tracking open opportunities, to emails and calls that’ll help you to gain a customer. The important sub-module in this section is:



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